Mylands: The Media’s Best Kept Trade Secret.



Colours of London is The Best of British Heritage

 There is no comparison in the industry; Colours of London is now the leader!

Celebrated and historic paint maker Mylands is proud to announce its new range, Colours of London, truly based on historic British colours and made to exacting standards, the new range is a world beater both in integrity, durability and longevity.

For use inside and outside in 120 colours, Mylands can also do bespoke colour matching.

A superior and universal collection of colours available in “Marble Matt” Water Based Acrylic Emulsion Paint for Walls and Ceilings and “Wood and Metal” Water Based Alkyd Based Paint for Wood and Metal work.


Marble Matt is Mylands signature paint.  It is a secret blend of CRUSHED MARBLE, China Clay and other ingredients that makes it best of breed; with more pigment than other paints it covers more completely giving an unparalleled totally flat look with exceptional warmth and depth of colour.


Mylands Wood and Metal represents the revolution of interior and exterior painting.  It is water based but with no reduction in performance versus solvent based paints – EU legislation is restricting the use of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in interior paints. Mylands wood and metal represents the future.



Mylands, Britain’s genuine oldest paint manufacturer, who arguably produces the best quality paints available on the market, is delighted to provide you with paints free of charge for decorating features, make overs and ‘get the look’ pages – the new kid on the block taking the paint world by storm, Mylands’ heritage and integrity floors the competition and represents a fabulous fresh new addition to the marketplace. 

Despite having produced high quality paints and wood finishes for 128 years, Mylands may not be a paint manufacturer that is quite yet an instantly recognisable household brand. However, its paints have probably been seen by thousands of homeowners every day, as Mylands products have been used to paint nearly every theatre, film and television set, including Coronation Street, Downton Abbey, James Bond and Harry Potter.

Mylands really is the trade’s ‘best kept secret’, however this is set to change as the company has recently gone back to its roots and revitalised the consumer side of the business, with a new range of Marble Matt emulsions and Wood & Metal paints, called ‘Colours of London’.  This collection is made up of 120 historically inspired shades, yet Mylands also happily provides bespoke colour matched paints to any shade required. 

Maintaining the standards set by his great-grandfather more than a century ago, the current Managing Director, Dominic Myland, learnt his craft from his father, as colour matching and paint manufacturing skills were passed down through the generations. Today Mylands paints use an old technology – Dominic Mylands explains:

“Marble was used by Renaissance painters as a filler, but no one has used it for a long time.  Here at Mylands we have perfected the formula so our emulsion paint contains powdered marble, giving a nice matt texture and a durable hardness.  The coverage is also remarkable as Myalnds Marble Matt Emulsion has a very high opacity, meaning an off white could cover a darker colour in just one coat.”

After an illustrious career on stage and screen, it seems Mylands is poised to take a leading role at last on the domestic scene, too…

Choosing Colours

There are a number of key things to bear in mind when selecting your Colours of London scheme:

  • Period of your property: will your colour scheme suit the style of the architecture? Or, are you looking for an authentic, period look?
  • Remember, with key architectural fixtures, simple is best. A single, plain colour will help architectural features and profiles stand out better.
  • Is the room flooded with daylight, or quite dark and shady? This will be affected by the size and number of windows, and by the orientation of the room. North facing rooms are usually darkest, and South brightest, with East facing rooms bright in the morning and Western aspect rooms being flooded with light at sunset.
  • Does your colour scheme suit you, as a person? Does it match your taste when it comes to the colour of your accessories, and even your own outfits? If not, you may grow tired of it.
  • In poorly proportioned rooms, or rooms with multiple walls, using just one colour can help to bring out the beauty of the room and downplay any unusual or unpleasing aspects
  • Through our colour range pages, we provide ‘colours that go’ for comparison, and to help you settler on a colour scheme that fulfills all of your ambitions for your new project.

For further information please visit our website:

Sample Pots

Colours on screen and on our paint card are never a truly accurate representation of how the colour will look on your walls. In order to find the shade that works best for you, try a range of favourites in affordable, sample pot sizes, to understand the full effect of the ambient light and the particular surface you are painting. You can buy sample pots in our website or through some of our stockists.

Bespoke Matching

If you can’t find the colour you need, our master paint blenders are highly skilled at colour matching to any existing paint, swatch or fragment of colour. For bespoke matching to almost any source material, contact Mylands today and let us recreate that colour that was lost forever.

Order Colour Card

To hold the full range of Mylands Colours of London in your hands, order our colour card today.
With real, painted swatches, this traditional colour card gives you the truest shade possible in every light condition.